Fall 2021

Fall TNR Fundraiser 

Can you help us ?

We have a goal to Trap, Neuter and Vaccinate and return 20 feral cats between now and the end of November. We plan to take 10 in Oct and another 10 in Nov to help prevent the mass of Spring babies next year and also help prevent winter illnesses. 

Each appointment costs us 50$ per cat. This is a reasonable price considering the end result. But it is an imposing task to do alone.

We would appreciate any donations to help us with this cost and / or any volunteers to help with locating, trapping and possibly transporting the cats. 

Click here to Donate. Thank you !

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The rewards are less feral cats next year, the satisfaction that you helped your community with an ongoing problem and the biggest satisfaction of knowing that you made the lives of the cats in your neighborhood better. Feral cats can then healthfully serve their purpose catching mice, moles and snakes that you may not want around your area.

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Who We Are 

Experienced and Supportive

In Fremont County and Southwest Iowa Faith in Action's projects are developed to support a community where all residents may live independently with dignity. 


Registered as a 501c3 charitable organization, in 2005 Faith in Action offered transportation services and expanded a health equipment loan program. 


Both the Taxi Service and H.E.L.P. (Health Equipment Loan Program) continue to grow, and over the years volunteers and residents county-wide have initiated other projects. Our TNR (Trap/Neuter/Return Program) is appreciated and we plan to keep going as funds allow. Some of our staff and volunteers work with others on housing and local food production as the opportunities arise. 


Our Advisors represent Southwest Iowa social service agencies, county and town boards, medical service providers, the schools and the court system  .


Faith in Action is funded with small grants, reasonable fees for the TNR and medical equipment services, and with tax deductible donations to the local 501c3 charitable organization

 ​  Services 

Transportation Services

We provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation for Medicaid members and the public in Southwest Iowa. Certifications for our six Taxi Vans and drivers are thorough and renewed annually. 

Our Taxi Service is self-supporting with a Medicaid contract and subsidies from SWITA, the regional Transit Authority.

Anyone can call our dispatcher or stop in the office to schedule non_Medicaid rides. Essential Shopping or business trips can be arranged. We're glad to take individuals or small groups on outings or to special events. 

Just call to work out the details! 


Trap / Neuter / Return Program

One of several projects of community concern, assistance with spay/neuter and vaccination of free-roaming cats remains a need. We trap and transport "community cats" to several low-cost S/N clinics in our area.


Health  Equipment Loan Program

We maintain a varied inventory of durable medical equipment. Keeping the best of donated items, we purchase new models of mobility and bathing/toileting aides. Available for short-term loan or to purchase, this equipment allows patients to recuperate at home, or to make life a bit easier for caregivers and their loved ones. 

Contact Us
712-374-2093 Office

for questions and  general   information or 
Call to schedule a    ride today!

712-313-0316 Dispatcher

Medicaid Members call 800-464-9484
Faith In Action Volunteers
705 Indiana St Sidney, IA 51652
Mailing Address- PO Box 604 Sidney, IA 51652
We Service the Following Areas: Southwest Iowa and Surrounding Counties

Open  Monday through Friday
10:00 am – 04:00 pm

or by appointment
Drivers and Vehicles Insured & DOT Certified
Over 60? Ask about our discounted rate!



Work for US ! 

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2020 in Review 

The Stats !

Transportation : 

150 Volunteer Rides equaling 2819 miles 

taking 293 hours ! 


20 volunteer hours

520 volunteer miles driven 

$334 FIA paid in equipment repairs 

$3393 in sales for purchasing more inventory


40 hours Trapping/transporting 

1088 volunteer miles 

$1112 in donations

9 feral cats rehomed

FIA provided : 

$1706 in food, litter and misc supplies 

$458 for Revolution flea, tick and worm meds

$1818 for Spay and Neuter costs

Thank You ! 

2020 was a real challenge to say the least !! But here we are deep into 2021 and grateful to be here . 

We at FIA want to acknowledge those of you who gave us time, support, advise and helped make our community a better place to be. 


For Medical Expertise and service we thank :  

Fremont Count Veterinary Clinic 


Hearts United for Animals 

Hilltop Animal Hospital 

Jan Black from Montgomery Co Animal Rescue 

Linda  Fuelling from People for Paws 

For Time and Service in Volunteer Capacity : 

Hamburg Rescue Project 

Virginia Barnett 

Mike Moreland 

Fremont Co Historical Society 

For Adoptions : 

Brenda M and Peggy W

For Fostering : 

Virginia B. and Janice T.