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      In previous posts, we showcased Annie, a beautiful big eyed sweet cat who has now been successfully adopted thanks to Felius Cat Cafe and Rescue !! They take in cats through an application process and make sure they are placed in the perfect home. We provided her transportation to them and her vet costs to be sure she would be healthy and ready to adopt. We are so pleased with this collaboration. 

     Great News concerning the upcoming SPRING BABY season.. We received a grant from the Community Foundations of SW Iowa for our TNR program to allow us to continue assisting our local area by spaying and neutering the community cats ! Their generous grant for $1,000 will assist us with 20 cats. Each Spay or Neuter visit is $50 per cat provided by the grant, as well as transportation costs and related expenses such as food, litter, traps, gloves and vaccinations provided by Faith in Action which is funded by public donation. Part of this process is to try to rehome as many as possible. We will post pictures as they become available. 

    Our ultimate goal is to humanely reduce and stabilize the population of free roaming cats in Sidney and other Fremont County towns. The TNR program is the only humane and effective approach and we appreciate any support you may offer .

FIA Shop - 709 Indiana

Spring has arrived !!

We will soon be starting to freshen up the outside of our shop. We have a plan drawn up for a mural on the side and front which we'll start on as soon as the weather cooperates. Since our shop will be used to raise funds for our Trap, Neuter and Return program, the mural will reflect gardens with a lot of cats enjoying them. 

We also have plans for other projects as the space opens up inside. One project is to make soft catnip kitty toys to give out with our adoptees or as thank you gifts for donations. We would love anyone who would like to be involved to fill out our Volunteer form and make yourself known to us!

We'd love to have you in our family. 

Shop front.jpg

She looks a bit rough now but but in spring we plan to do some interior and exterior renovations and spruce her up some. 

Check back with us regularly for updates.