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Flea Market Fund Raiser

During Rodeo weekend, we put up a stand and had a successful mini Flea market in front of our shop to help raise funds for our Trap, Neuter and Return program for local feral cats.

We still have some miscellaneous goods left over and are always adding items as we go that we display in our office.

ANYONE is welcome to come by and visit us and shop our mini market.

While you are here, you can inquire to learn more about the Trap, Neuter and Return program as well as our Transportation services and our Health Equipment Loan Program should you or anyone you know need any of these services or you wish to volunteer. We appreciate You !   

705 Indiana St Sidney, IA 51652 

Check out some of our items Below 


Skull and Crossbones


This spring we trapped 3 feral cats that were diagnosed with Feline Leukemia  

This is a very serious problem for our local Feral cat community as well as any pets you may allow to wander outdoors ! 

Please read the following : 

FeLV is a common infectious disease of cats. A cat can be born with the virus - spread by the mother to kittens during pregnancy or nursing. It is also spread from cat to cat through shared food/water bowls, licking, grooming and litter pans. 

There is NO CURE for FeLV. Cats that test positive and have a progressive infection will remain infected for the rest of their lives and are CONTAGIOUS TO OTHER CATS. Cats with a negative test should be vaccinated. 

Infection can lead to anemia, liver disease, lymphoma or leukemia, chronic infections of the mouth and respiratory system and poor wound healing. 

Testing can identify a cat that has FeLV. This is typically a simple blood test done in the veterinarian's office and also screens for FIV. ALL CATS AND KITTENS SHOULD BE TESTED FOR FELV to find positive carriers and help PREVENT the SPREAD of this


If you notice Feral cats in your area and would like us to try to capture and test them, Please contact us !